Stress-free morning routine with kids, from an Average Father

Stress-free morning routine with kids, from an Average Father

This guide is for you if you constantly say this to your kids:

- eat your breakfast

- get dressed

- brush your teeth

There’s a magic bullet to help you.

Setting a timer.

Not to be confused with setting the alarm clock.

Set a timer on your phone to 15 minutes before they have to leave the house. Show them and tell them how long they still have before they need to leave.

Next, don’t tell them anything anymore. Just ask them these simple questions:

- How much time do you have left?

- What do you still need to do to get ready?

Now they’re fighting with themselves instead of with you. You’re in control because there’s no conflict with you anymore.

When they're running out of time, ask them: "Would you let me know when you're ready to to go?" (assuming you’re taking them to school).

When they’re almost out of time ask them if you should send the teacher a message that they’ll be late.

The answer is usually a profound NO!

Don’t ever get upset about them being late.

Let it happen. Give them a final choice: Can we leave in 2 minutes? Otherwise, we’ll be late?

When that doesn’t work... just bring them in late. They’ll be the center of attention in class & will think twice next time.

I even sit on the couch and read a book while my daughter gets ready for school. Me not being stressed about it gives her more mental bandwidth to get ready for school.

That’s it!

I hope you enjoy stress-free mornings from now on.

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